10 Ways to Spend Valentine's Day Being Single

happy single woman

Not dating anyone? It’s a-okay to be single on Valentine’s Day. But sometimes, it does get to be a bit sad when bouquets of roses are blocking your colleague from view while you’re in the clear. And it does get lonely when you think about heading home to an empty apartment on arguably the most romantic holiday of the year.

Don’t go home and fret. And don’t you dare sob into your pillow. If you need a way to spend Valentine’s Day single, we’ve got you covered.

1. Paint the Town Red

There are plenty of singles parties on Valentine’s Day, so pack up your single lady friends into an Uber or your bros into a Lift and paint the town red.

Party like it’s 1999. Celebrate your singledom. And cheers yourselves for being awesome on your own.

2. Treat Yo’self

Flowers, chocolates, dining at a fancy shmancy restaurant. If you were in a relationship, you’d have dropped $100+ easily on this one holiday.

Instead of spending on someone else, treat yo’self to something special. Buy yourself that jetpack, or get that massage you’ve been daydreaming about for months. You’ve earned it!

3. Listen to My Favorite Murder

Karen and Georgia’s murder podcast will remind you that relationships aren’t always what they’re cracked up to be.

Unrequited love or lover’s quarrels can turn deadly, and this hilarious and gruesome podcast knows that sometimes it’s more than okay to be alone.
Remember: stay sexy and don’t get murdered.

4. Hop on a Plane

Don’t know about you, but sometimes, it puts me at ease to just hop on a plane and get away.

Take a long weekend and go wherever you want. Experience a new place, or visit an old haunt. Whatever you choose, a nice, stress-free solo holiday is always a good way to get rid of some Valentine’s Day blues.

5. Celebrate ‘Second Thanksgiving’

This is an all-time favorite of mine. When I was in a very anti-relationship mindset, some of my single friends – and even some of my dating/married ones – would celebrate a turkey feast on Valentine’s Day that we deemed ‘Second Thanksgiving.’

It’s exactly what it sounds like: a nice big spread of turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, biscuits, and good ol’ pumpkin pie.
If you want, you can wipe this wretched holiday right off the planet with a huge plate of gravy in front of you.

6. Take a Paint & Wine Class

Grab some of your single friends and join in some local fun. One of my favorites: wining and painting. The host will guide you in a creative task, and you’ll be laughing your ass off with your friends doing it. This will be sure to make your night memorable.

7. Spread the Love

Spread the love in a non-romantic way on this love-filled day. Buy a dozen roses and hand them out to strangers on the street. Or pack a bag of candy hearts and chocolates and pass them out on your local transport.
You will touch some souls who are feeling sad about being single on Valentine’s Day – and, in doing so, you might receive a pick-me-up too.

8. Take Online Love Quizzes with Your Friends

You may be happy single, which is peachy keen. But if you’re not, get to know what you want in a partner by taking some fun online quizzes about love and relationships.

These shenanigans are always more entertaining with friends, so invite some of your besties over to join in the party.

9. Play Cupid

Most people imagine they have an eye for set-ups. If you’ve always wanted to see your two single friends get together, play cupid on this special night and make it happen. Invite your friends to find love at a dinner party and get a conversation going. Or if they’re keen, set them up on a blind date.

Who knows – you might be a matchmaker in heaven.

10. Visit a Free Dating Site

Are you sick of being single? You know what? Just as it’s a-okay to be happy and single, it’s a-okay to say you’re sick of being alone.

One way to remedy that is to join a free dating site, like LoveAgain.com. Here, you can scope out the playing field, get to know someone at your own pace, and take it to the next level, whenever you’re ready. Download the app today.

Who knows – next Valentine’s Day, you may have found someone to spend ‘Second Thanksgiving’ with.