5 Steps to Meeting Your Life Partner

Meeting Your Life Partner

Life is full of people who are going to come in and out of your life. If you’re tired of wasting your time on people who break your heart or let you down, follow these steps to meet your life partner!

1. Start living the life you want to lead.
A huge mistake people make is to fantasize about their goals and they don’t do anything to achieve them. Don’t be that person! Take action and go after what you want out of your life. How does that translate to finding your life partner? Simple! When you are doing the things you want, you will find people who enjoy doing those same things as well. What better way to start a relationship than with someone who shares a common interest?

2. Keep your eyes open.
You would be surprised by how many people go through life with their eyes closed, or are focused on the wrong things. Too many times when we are looking for love, we don’t see what is right in front of our eyes. What do we mean? You know that friend that is always there for you after a breakup? It could be because she loves you on more than just a friend level. Sometimes, we are so focused on meeting someone new, our life partner could have been part of our life the whole time.

3. Don’t let people walk over you.
You have to be able to stand up and say your truth. If you aren’t comfortable doing something, don’t do it. A true life partner will respect your wishes and they will admire you that much more because you stood your ground. With that said, you should also be willing to negotiate so that you and your partner will see eye to eye. You may feel passionate about some things, but you also have to know when to back down, even if a little.

4. Don’t connect with someone you share similar wounds with.
A healthy relationship isn’t going to be formed because you both were cheated on by your ex. You don’t want to tie yourself to someone who needs the emotional support of a parental figure or that of a friend more than they want a romantic partner. A true life partner is going to be ready to love you for who you are, regardless of your flaws. You don’t want someone who dates you because they think you are in need of fixing.

5. Be strategic with who you want to meet.
When you are trying to find your life partner, you have to plan for it. Think about the type of partner you want to be with. Have a list of qualities you want in them and then figure out where the best place will be to meet them. For example, if you want to meet someone with a strong sense of loyalty and pride, maybe a military person would be up your alley. If they are devoted to their country, you can safely assume they will be devoted to you. You can increase your chances of meeting a military person by visiting the local VA, churches, shops, and restaurants near military bases.

When you’re tired of being burned by your previous relationships, it’s easy to be skeptical about the possibility of finding a life partner. However, when you stay open minded and be proactive in your search, you will cherish that person so much more when you do find them!