How to Make a Woman Feel Appreciated

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In every relationship, each person wants to feel like they are appreciated and loved. It’s human nature to want to feel valued and it is especially true for people in a relationship because they need to feel like their partner loves them and are grateful for the things they do.

Unfortunately, while women have less of a problem with this than men, there are many women who feel unappreciated by her man. To avoid having your lady feel like you take her for granted, consider these ways to make sure your lady knows you treasure her.

Step 1.
Be a little more accommodating to her. What we mean by this is take into consideration how she feels about certain things. For example, if you always leave your wet towel on the bathroom floor instead of hanging it up to dry, even though you know it annoys her, make an effort to hang the towel up. You may not think that these small things matter, but in truth, they mean a lot—all because you are making an effort to make her happy.

Step 2.
Perform random acts of kindness for her. If you know she is having a bad day, surprise her with a glass of wine and the latest episode her favorite television show ready to go when she walks through the door. Leave a sweet note on the seat of her car in the morning to make sure she has a good day. These small things will show her that you are thinking about her and help to make her feel appreciated.

Step 3.
Don’t be afraid to be affectionate. There are too many couples who don’t reach out to hold their partner’s hand for no reason at all. People tend to think the only reason you have to touch one another is to elicit some sort of sexual connection, but in truth physical touch is just another way to express gratitude and appreciation.

Step 4.
Tell her! This should be common sense! If you want your woman to feel appreciated, tell her that you enjoyed the meal she prepared for you. Tell her that you love the way she makes you feel when she sends you a good morning text. We understand that for some men it can be a challenge to express your feelings, but you can work on it by practicing saying what you want to say beforehand. You might feel silly staring at yourself in the mirror saying “Baby, I appreciate you for…,” but what is a few moments of discomfort when compared to the look of joy on her face when you tell her that you appreciate her?

Step 5.
When you are letting her know that you appreciate her, focus on what things she does specifically that you are thankful for. For example, if she is a great mother, tell her that you love how she is with the children. If you love the way she laughs at your jokes, even the unfunny ones, say something along the lines of appreciating how she has no problem humoring you by laughing at all of your jokes. These things will let her know that the effort she does to make you feel special and you love her for it. And, in turn, by telling her this, you will help her to feel special, too!