Try Ignoring These 7 Relationship Rules

relationships rules

Think you know the rules to a healthy relationship? Maybe you do. But maybe you’re treating some rules as gospel. Try ignoring these 7 relationship rules and see if your partnership takes an upswing.

  1. Honesty is the Best Policy

For the most part this is true. But you can be TOO honest. You may hold certain opinions about her eccentric mother or her attractive friend that are best kept to yourself. Maybe it’s not necessarily dishonesty, but it is not complete honesty. You should be aware of how the things you say affect your partner. A good partner tries to say the right things at the right time instead of disclosing every little thing that’s on their mind.

  1. If Someone Wants You to Change Who You Are, They Don’t Love Who You Are

News Flash: You might have some qualities that aren’t exactly conducive to a healthy relationship. Perhaps you are a highly abrasive jerk or a social hermit. Don’t be afraid to try to change yourself if you think it will make you a better human being. You don’t have to jettison the parts of yourself that are fundamentally you (and you shouldn’t unless they suck). But your partner might be able to help you grow into a person that even you find more likeable.

  1. Never Go to Sleep Angry

It’s nice to try to swallow your anger before bedtime, but sometimes you just need to sleep it off and pick it up another day. There’s nothing wrong with letting a good night’s rest clear your head and possibly give you new insight on your partner’s point of view. Not to say you should leave an argument unresolved forever, but maybe you had a long day and your threshold for disagreement has bottomed out. It’s okay to give the argument and yourself a little break and try it again when you’re feeling refreshed.

  1. Split the Household Chores Evenly

You probably think you should split the bills evenly too. How very naïve of you. It’s good to try and keep things relatively fair, but in the real world nothing is ever split down the middle, and that’s okay. You don’t have to be a doormat and wait on your partner hand and foot. But, you also shouldn’t become consumed with keeping everything exactly square. The stress you feel typically comes from over thinking the balance between you and your partner. Give it a break and just enjoy the ride a bit.

  1. You’re Shallow If You Choose a Partner For Their Looks

All lasting relationships are built on an intimate connection that is deep and everlasting and blah blah blah. In reality, the first time you saw your partner, you probably weren’t thinking of the deep emotional journey you would embark upon. It’s okay that you’re a little shallow. Physical attraction is important, even if it’s not the total package. Your bodies should speak to each other just like your minds and your souls or whatever. So go ahead and check out your partner’s absolutely fine assets, guilt-free.

  1. A Happy Union Is a Bond Between Two Good Forgivers

Forgiveness is a wonderful gift, but sometimes it should be a “going away” present. Yes, forgive your partner for the little things and even some of the big things, so long as you think it truly was a mistake and they’re sorry. Second chances can be a wonderful bonding experience. But if they’re a repeat offender and they’re just sorry they got caught, forgive them and then show them the door.

  1. If Your Family Hates Your Significant Other, It Might Be a Good Sign to Let Them Go

Yes, if your family dislikes your lover, it might make things a little tense. Maybe they dislike him/her for good reason. Respect their opinion, but give it some time. They might just need to warm up to them and find some common interests. Perhaps your past lovers have made your family a little wary of your choices (you sure know how to pick ‘em). Or maybe your family is the problem. In any case, if you believe in your new love interest, give them a chance to prove your family wrong.