Bits of Advice for Dating While in Your 30s

happy couple anniversary

If you recently find that you’re single and, you’re worrying about how you’ll fare rejoining the dating world, no fear. We have a few bits of advice to help you.

1. Age is only a number. Too many times we get hung up on a person’s age when we are dating again in our 30s. When you turn 30, age stops becoming a factor, especially when you meet someone and you instantly click with one another.

2. Know what you want in a relationship. When you’re in the 30s, you should have a good idea of what you want in a relationship and in a partner. If you’ve never really thought about the qualities you want in someone, now is the time to start figuring it out.

3. Leave stuff that’s happened in the past, in the past. Everyone has gone through some stuff in their previous relationships, but that doesn’t mean every future relationship should bear that burden. It is understandable to let bygones be bygones, but if you want a happy and fruitful relationship in the future, you have to let it go.

4. Don’t have a chip on your shoulder. We’ve all been in a situation where we were so hurt, we felt like nothing could repair the damage that has been done. Even if you do feel that way, you shouldn’t always around like you have a massive chip on your shoulder. When you do that, you’re letting people know that you can’t let things go, and you are going to make everyone pay for someone else’s mistakes.

5. Don’t be afraid to let down those walls. It’s understandable that after a failed relationship where you have been hurt, you will want to build up some walls to protect yourself. However, when you build a wall, you are keeping out good people who really do want to get to know you and date you.

6. Make fun a priority. Too many times people who are dating feel like they have to settle down and get serious, when they should be focusing on having fun and enjoying dating new people.

7. Don’t shun those who have been through a divorce. Did you know that half of people in the US have been divorced? This means you are probably going to meet some divorced folk. Just keep in mind that you probably don’t want to pry into the reasons why they got a divorce unless they bring it up first.

8. Don’t settle and waste your time on someone you have no chemistry with. When you start dating someone new, you are going to want to put out some feelers to see if there is any kind of chemistry before you get too serious. Perhaps after the first or second date you don’t feel any connection between you two, say goodbye and part ways. You shouldn’t waste time on people that you don’t feel a connection with.