4 Simple Ways Men and Women Can Connect During Middle Age

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If you’re hoping to find that lasting love in your 50s, you need to be aware of how to connect with someone on numerous levels, and we’ll tell you how. There are four different areas of connections that need to be made if you want to have a relationship that will eventually turn into something substantial.

The 4 Types of Connections Between a Man and a Woman

The Heart and Mind

When you find someone that you can connect with through the heart and mind, chances are you already feel love and admiration for this person. You can identify this type of connection because you two can talk to one another for hours without there being any awkwardness; however, when it comes to sexual attraction and compatibility, there simply isn’t a spark.

When you are able to connect with someone through the heart and mind, it usually leads to a lasting friendship, rather than a lasting and fulfilling relationship.

The Mind and Body

Think of this sort of connection as one that you would probably have with a “friends with benefits” situation. You can have great conversation, get along well, and you are drawn to each other sexually, but there simply aren’t any feelings involved. Once the sex is over, you roll over and go to sleep or go back to watching the game. There aren’t any cuddle sessions involved post-coitus.

Although this type of relationship can be fun and stimulating, but eventually someone could get hurt because they have developed feelings and the other has not.

The Heart and Body

This particular connection can be tricky because your heart flutters every time you’re near them and you swear that you’re in love. You could easily toil an entire day away lying in bed, cuddling, talking, making love, the whole nine.

This is what true chemistry is. It’s strong and powerful, but it rarely leads you to anything sustainable simply because there is no friendship underneath it all. There is no mental stimulation connecting the two of you, so when the sexual fervor dies out (and it will eventually die out), your relationship will soon follow. If you find yourself in this type of relationship, you may want to run while you still can. Contrary to what people may say, there is such of a thing as having too much chemistry.

The Heart, Mind, and Body

The trifecta that every relationship should, ideally, consist of. This type of connection stimulates the need for intellection bonding and friendship, the need to be sexually satisfied and attracted to your partner, and the desire to be loved.

These combinations can also be used to helping you understand why your previous relationships may not have worked out in the past. Take a look back at the different relationships you’ve had in your history and can you determine what was missing?

Now that you understand what kind of connections you could have with someone, you can better identify what is missing and you can decide where you want to go from there.