The First Date Went Amazingly—Now What?

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After you met online and had gone on an incredible first date, what happens next? Here’s how you can prepare for a second date, and maybe more.

How the 3-Day Rule Hinders Your Efforts to Meet a Mature Man

A few years ago, an article was written by Dan Ozzi that suggests that we should wait three days before contacting someone we’ve gone out on a date with. This antiquated rule is pretty much obsolete by today’s standards, thanks to the various forms of technology that makes reaching out to someone easier than ever. People who are looking for friendship needn’t worry about how long in between hanging out with someone to reach out, but those who are looking for romance? They are faced with a different conundrum. Local singles who join these dating sites with the hopes of meeting someone and do, they have to act fast. When you go out with an amazing man or woman, you don’t want to wait too long before reaching out to them because they might start thinking that you’ve lost interest or worse still, they could lose interest in you.

What You Should Do When You Meet Mature Women You Want to Continue Seeing

Now that we know that the three-day rule isn’t the way to win someone’s heart that you might have met on a local flirt site. So, you might be wondering what you should do instead. We suggest that unless you are planning on going exclusively with this person, you can continue to meet local singles on the site, just to keep your options open.

If you do intend on going exclusive, you shouldn’t hesitate to reach out to the other person whenever you want to talk to them. If you’ve gone out with them and everything went smashingly, there is no harm in calling them or texting them to say hello. We do, however, suggest that you refrain from too much contact, though. You don’t want the other person to feel smothered by nonstop calls or texts. You don’t want them to feel like you’re smothering or stalking them.

Along with calling them when the mood strikes, you shouldn’t be too concerned about “taboo” topics. The point of getting to know each other throughout the course of dating, even if it is only the second date, is that there is nothing that should be off limits. Now, we don’t necessarily mean that you have to go into great detail why your previous marriage ended, but you can use generalized terms to explain the situation. The point of dating, after all, is to get to know one another and try to decide if there is a connection strong enough between the two of you that is worth nurturing.

Lastly, when you are trying to court someone from an online dating site, you shouldn’t feel like you have to alter who you are or what you expect from a partner. You probably have a list of deal breakers, right? Simply because you are dating online, it doesn’t mean that those deal breakers should disappear or change. You will meet someone out there who is right for you, so never compromise what you are and are not willing to overlook from a possible match.