Very Real Thoughts You Have When You’re a Single 30-Something

a Single 30 Something

Your 30s is a special time because the moment you hit 30, reality hits you. You are now officially an adult. With that comes the adult-like responsibilities that you just can’t get away from. If you’re single, this means you’re probably going to stress out because on top of all the “adult” things you have on your plate, you’re going to have some crazy (or… maybe not so crazy) thoughts running through your brain.

1. Will I ever get married?

This is thought that many single 30-somethings have. Even though people will try to offer you some comfort and tell you that you’ve still got plenty of time, you still can’t help but wonder.

2. Do I really want kids?

When we think about marriage, we often wonder if we want kids, too. When you notice your married (or not so married) friends having children, you wonder if you should start a family too.

3. Should I get over my expectations and just settle?

A lot of 30-somethings think that settling for someone who is good enough is better than being alone while waiting for that perfect person. Do you want to be that person who settles for less than what you want? Probably not.

4. What do my friends think about my situation?

Although we want to pretend that we don’t care what other people think, the truth is we care very much what they think—especially our friends and family. We don’t want people to look at us with pity because we haven’t found someone to settle down with.

5. Should I freeze my eggs/sperm?

This is another very real thought some people have. People want to know that, although they may not be in a position to have kids now, they still want that option in the future. Of course, there are other avenues you could take to have children, if and when you’re ready.

6. Did I ruin my only opportunity?

Sometimes when we take a look back at our lives, we look at relationships that went south, and we wonder if that was our only chance for love. Of course, this is nonsense because there are other people and opportunities to meet someone. It can just weigh on you when you start to think too much about the relationships of yesterday.

7. It’s going to be alright.

Ultimately, when all has been said and done, you can look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that everything will be okay. No matter what you think today, there is always going to be an opportunity to meet someone new tomorrow. Your life is your own, and simply because you’re in your 30s, it doesn’t mean all hope is lost. Just keep living your life and put yourself out there, and we guarantee that you’ll meet someone special.