10 Things All Men Should Know Before Dating a 30-Something Woman

a 30 Something Woman

This woman is like the young ones you may be used to dating, so you better step up your game and remember these things when dating a woman in her 30s!

1. She’s incredible in bed. This lady is comfortable with her body and has absolutely no problems telling you what she wants and needs in bed. She’s got the experience to give you mind-blowing sex.

2. She exudes confidence. Everyone knows that confidence is sexy! This woman learned that she is awesome the way she is and let those horrible insecurities that may have plagued her before falling to the wayside. She doesn’t need to you constantly reassuring her that she looks beautiful because she already knows.

3. She is polished and graceful. You never have to worry if she is going to act like a fool at your company’s holiday party or embarrass you at a family function.

4. She doesn’t want to go to the parties where kegs are involved. Those days are long gone. She has no desire to relive them!

5. She is in control over her schedule. By now, she’s established herself in her desired career. She has responsibilities and may need to put in a few extra hours here and there, but she isn’t the gopher. She can make plans and keep them because she’s got it like that.

6. She doesn’t freak out over the small things. By now, she knows the difference between an emergency that needs immediate attention and a small inconvenience. She isn’t going to call you and rant about some jerk who cut her off in traffic, but she may come over after a horrible day at work with a bottle of wine and take out. She won’t get upset often, but when she does, make sure you pay attention.

7. She knows how to have fun. At 30, she’s learned how not to take herself or life too seriously. She understands how important it is to let her hair down and have a bit of fun now and then. When she’s around you, she’ll bring out her playful side and even go that extra mile to be silly when you’re stressed—anything to see you smile.

8. She doesn’t play games. If you hate when women play games, you can rest assured that the 30-something lady won’t do that. She knows who she is, what she wants, and where she’s going in life. If something is bothering her or she needs something, she won’t hesitate to communicate those things to you.

9. She isn’t going to deal with your games, either. If you think you’re going to be able to pull the wool over her eyes, you better think again, buddy. She’ll see right through your bull and probably call you out on it. If she thinks for a second that you’re playing games with her, she’ll drop you like a bad habit.

10. If she’s dating you, it’s because you’re special. At this point in her life, she isn’t going to date someone just for the hell of it. She’s going to date you because there is something special about you that she likes and wants more of. Embrace it!