Loneliness: Is It Written In The Stars? An Astrologer's Point of View

how to deal with loneliness

This is November, the month of Scorpio, the sign of sexual relations, death, loss, and regeneration. Scorpio’s personal planets are Mars, god of war as well as the instrument for fulfilling erotic desires and Pluto, Lord of the Underworld. Scorpio teaches us that death is the avenue for rebirth and new life. It does this on the physical level through sex as when sperm and egg meet, they “die” to their old form and merge into the first cell of the embryo. Death and rebirth take place on many other levels of our life as well. It matters not that you believe in reincarnation as death, loss, and regeneration are found everywhere. Many people will break up with a partner and then immediately take on a new lover without giving ourselves any time for healing and reflection. When this happens, the chances are that your newest companion will be either the same type as the previous one–or even worse! An “empty space” is always required after a crisis of loss. Scorpio teaches us how to stay centered in a period of emptiness, respecting our seeming loneliness, until it is right for us to fall in love again.

Couple Stargazing

Currently, in the heavens, Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system is in Libra, the quintessential sign of marriage, union, and partnership. It remains in this fortuitous place from now through the end of 2017. Jupiter is known to astrologers as the “Greater Benefic” as he is the bringer of good fortune, expansion, and abundance. In addition, from November 13 to December 2nd, Mercury is in Jupiter’s favorite sign, Sagittarius. Mercury is called the “Messenger of the gods” and when in Sagittarius his primary function is for us to open ourselves up to the larger picture in life. This is, therefore a time in which we should work to see what our visions are for more perfect relationships both on the very personal level as well our relationships to society in general. If you are currently in an “empty space” in terms of a partner, look at the larger picture of what you are seeking in another person as well as what you are seeking in yourself.

One of the great lessons that astrology teaches is that male and female are two equal partners in a constant dance of creativity. Your individual horoscope definitely reveals if your personal rhythm is in step or out of sync with the surrounding celestial music. Your “cosmic map” is drawn up for the day, place, and moment of your birth. It tells the astrologer if you are destined to be a wall flower, a person who is asked to dance sometimes by a prince or sometimes by a frog, or will you be the most popular man or woman in the room. Your birth chart also reflects the image of the type of person whom you will most likely attract as well as the nature and character of the men or women most attracted to you. The ancient astrological saying “As Above, So Below” (as it is written in the heavens, so it becomes a reality on earth) is in my 50 years of experience reading such star maps, indeed very true.

But is what is written permanent and irreversible? Do we have any control over the “fate” facing us in our horoscope? “The stars impel, they do not compel,” is another ancient saying often quoted by astrologers. What this means is that the patterns that the planets make as they orbit through the zodiac create probabilities of behavior, revelations of character, and psychological orientation. They also tell us about our parents and our relationship to them. The planets and the zodiacal signs they are in, do express the dynamics of our early home life, the orientation of our sexuality, and the way we expression our desires, passions, and urge to merge with others. The natal chart speaks profoundly not only about the complexities of nature, it also details the reality of the way we have been nurtured, as well as the way we nurture others. Your horoscope is thus a powerful document but it is your map and in many ways, you do have the power to change what you do not like about yourself, improving your chances of success in business, love, and life in general.

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The incredible advances in modern medicine mean that if you do not appreciate the color of your blue eyes, all you need are green contact lenses. And surgery can do wonders with modifying the shape of your nose, the size of your breasts, or even the designation of your gender! But these are external changes. To realign your destiny to an “upgraded model” calls for some very powerful internal work and from the astrological perspective, “destiny reassignment surgery” requires remodeling of your cosmic blueprint. This process is also called “walking your talk!” It is not easy, but if you do it correctly you just may find yourself with your soul-mate at the end of your journey no matter what your horoscope says. Hint: it all starts with learning how to love yourself correctly.

Astrology is great at revealing our natural patterns. What is natural for us may not necessarily be what is best for us. One of the primary uses of this ancient science is to help us to know our inherited behavior, how we act it out, and the alternatives available to us to bring more satisfaction into our lives. When it comes to relationships, the astrologer uses a special branch of astrology called “synastry.” This term comes from two Greek roots “syn” (together) and “astron” (star), thus we can translate synastry to mean “the coming together of the stars.” When the astrologer compares two horoscopes, he or she can tell if the two people involved will be compatible as well as where challenges in their relationship will most likely take place.

What I have personally experienced both as an individual and as an astrological consultant is that without self-knowledge and the ability to use love as a tool for union and healing, we are indeed a “prisoner of fate.” Without the right use of a loving will power, we will, without a doubt, be locked into the limiting patterns in our horoscope. And without the right use of our creativity even a chart that shouts out “champagne and red roses” at birth, can be transformed into one reeking of cheap wine and weeds. With right self-knowledge and correct self-love, we do have the power to alter our destiny. May this amorous month of Libra help us all better to Love Again!