8 People Shared The Loneliest Moments In Their Lives

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LoveAgain.com has organized a social initiative in order to raise awareness of the problem of loneliness and support those who suffer from it. We encouraged people to share their experience of loneliness and how they overcame it to help people who feel lonely.

Meet Mike, Dan, and Ian. They are different and similar at the same time. They have been brave enough to share the loneliest moments in their lives to show others that they are not alone and to help them to feel better.

Support the initiative. Share your story with #LonelinessFeelsLike on Facebook or Instagram. Show those who are suffering from loneliness right now that they are not alone.

This social initiative is one of the largest anti-loneliness campaigns of recent years. It’s also united 10 experts in various fields such as Psychology, Astrology, Psychotherapy, Relationship Expertise, and others, who have created 10 articles to tell people what loneliness is, why it occurs, and how to overcome it.

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Watch more #LonelinessFeelsLike stories in this video: