5 Findings About Loneliness Today: Are Older People Lonelier Than Youth?

feeling alone

Do older people feel lonely more often than young folks? Does age matter when it comes to admitting that you are lonely to people around? Are people open with the closest in regards to a loneliness issue? Take a look at these 5 findings from the latest LoveAgain.com survey, and learn more about loneliness today.

When you feel lonel
The survey was conducted in October 2016 among LoveAgain.com users in the framework of the biggest anti-loneliness campaign #LonelinessFeelsLike. LoveAgain.com organized the social initiative in order to raise awareness of the problem of loneliness and support those who suffer from it. For that purpose the dating website has encouraged people to share their experience of loneliness and how they overcame it to help people who feel lonely. Learn more about #LonelinessFeelsLike social initiative here.