Effective Dating Advice for Men over 40 That Really Works

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Life has a not-so-funny way of knowing when we are doing well. It will come along and kick us in the pants—especially when it comes to relationships and love. Many people believe that there is no way that a man can be blissfully in love with his soul mate before he hits 40.

In fact, the divorce rates prove that more men rejoin the dating world in their 40s than people from any other age group. It can be frustrating because you’re always wondering what went wrong and why it didn’t work out. Why some men go through this a few times before they reach their 40s or 50s.

People have this innate desire to feel loved, needed, and wanted by someone. They find it difficult to be alone and even more so difficult trying to go out and find someone that they connect with on a deeper level.
For a guy who finds himself being alone after he’s been with someone for some years might find this sudden loneliness overwhelming, This is why he rejoins the dating world—sometimes before he is ready. If you find that you are in this kind of situation, you might turn to friends, family, and the internet for some sound advice on dating and how to win a woman’s heart.

You could always ask your closest friends for relationship advice—as long as they don’t have worse luck with love than you do. If you do turn to your buddies, make sure that you know they are doing well with their own love lives. You don’t want to sabotage your dating experience by asking for advice from someone who is neck deep in relationship drama.

One of the most common obstacles older men face when reentering the dating world is that they lack confidence. They think they’ve lost that magical dating mojo and women aren’t attracted to them. Consequently, they just have no clue how to approach women, much less how to date them.

Fortunately, you can turn to your knowledgeable friends for their input. You can ask them what are some things they do that attracts the women. That’s one good thing about dating over 40, you can rely on your friends not to give you horrible advice. Although, we should note that whatever your friends tell you, you will always want to remain true to yourself. This means if they tell you that you have to show incredible acts of high strength but you’re more of a brainy guy, you shouldn’t go out and lift a car or something equally as ridiculous. Take any advice your friends give and apply it to your own personality.

It is important that when you are dating over 40, you probably shouldn’t be too over the top and risqué. Yes, it is a generalized idea that many women want to date a bad boy, but when faced with the option of settling down with a bad boy or someone who is sensible but still exciting… You can almost always bet that the bad boy will be left in the dust.